iPhone 3G white screen of death – solution!

I’ve had this 3G iPhone for a month now, and just pulled it out of my pocket to see a solid white screen. This is interesting at first because I have it locked and password protected, and know I have a half-full battery.

A quick press of the Sleep button shuts it down, but another quick press simply goes back to the white screen. WTF?

So I jump on Google and run a quick scan for “iPhone 3G white screen” and get some discouraging hits like “hope you made a backup since the fix is swapping the phone for a new one”. Well that’s crap.

A modified search yields people claiming every trick in the book being used, still to no avail…

So I decide to try myself. After a few random button combo attempts I found it!

– First, press and hold the HOME button.
– Second, press and hold the UP volume button as well.
– Third, with those still held, press and hold the SLEEP button.

After 5 or 6 seconds it displayed the black screen with the chrome Apple logo. About 15 to 20 seconds after that it booted into my password login. Once I entered the code, the phone operated normally.

This entry was sent from the iPhone immediately after the above steps were performed.

Good luck and I hope this solution works for you.

(edit 1/6/09 – fixed some typos, the tags, and some grammar)


39 Responses

  1. It worked!
    Thank you for saving us a 70 mile trip to the nearest Apple Store

  2. Thanks for sharing your information. Your answer fixed it within 30 seconds.

  3. AWESOME! It worked!!!! Thanks.

  4. […] even turn it off. And now there are strange gray lines on the right side of the screen. Even Phaktor’s solution didn’t work. There’s nothing I can do. I’ll never save all my voice memos and […]

  5. Thank You – Thank You – Thank You! It worked!!!!!

  6. Thank you very much. You’ve save me a lot of hassle. White screen of death on a month old 3g s. It did wake me up a bit.

  7. Thanks a lot.. I just saw my new 3gs only a few days old with a white screen just thinking this is not good.. 🙂 You saved my day.. 😉

  8. What a legend! I was about to throw my phone across the room! Honestly – I am so, so grateful – Thank you :O)

    I JUST GOT THIS iPhone 3gs with 3.01 which was impossible to find!!!!!! I was just sending a text and the phone went white!!!!! I can’t restore to 3.1 at this time because of the pineapple.


  10. Can’t thankyou enough!!

  11. It worked for me. Thank you so much! –jim

  12. Thank you SOOOOOOO much, I looked everywhere to find a way to fix my white screen and this REALLY worked!! I cant believe it lol. Thank you

  13. This worked! Woh! Thanks!!!!

  14. THANK YOU!! I thought my phone was fried and I had lost all information in it…. This solution made my morning!!!!

  15. Thanks dude! Really Thank U! I Got A WordPress Account just to tell you how much I apreciate your post!

  16. ok…so i have tried this on my iphone and it does nothing…it goes black…then 2 seconds later it goes back to the whoite screen….wth..?

  17. OOOOOO my goodness thank you SOOOO much . I was FREAKING. and you saved the day. there certainly wasn’t enough time to get to apple store before work this morning….you are a lifesaver thanks for posting

  18. It worked great for me! I couldn’t understand what the phone was saying to me when I did it, but it sounded something like something about voicemail LOL. I am just soooo glad it worked!

  19. You saved my life (erm, not really, just my money). I have iPhone 3GS and I can surely tell that this button pressing combo works with my 3GS too. Thanx someone at the internet.

  20. Ok the solution only worked for me until the “next” white screen came again so I invested and got a New complete LCD kit from Amazon.com for about 50 bucks and self installed it last night.
    …………….drum roll please………………
    prior to it i could not use my camera at all now i’m back and sooooooooooo happy. It probably was a defective digitizer because i could ward off a WSOD with a pressure applied at the screens edge for a while like a seizure sensed before it happens but not prevent it completely so this may not be the solution for everyone but if you have been as frustrated as i was with this problem and a lack of a good solution after reading hundreds of blogs then you should consider this. It prompted me to signup and post because i didnt want to be like those i suspected had found a solution and kept it to themselves.

  21. man i almost lost it came to work on a sunday to replace lcd but you saved my weekend thank you

  22. I literally singed up and make an account on word press just so i can say “Thank you”.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. It really saved my iPhone. Thanks!

  23. ive got a 3gs with the newest firmware and it solved the problem thanks

  24. Wow! Thanks so much! I totally thought the phone was dead or that I’d need a new LCD screen!

  25. ok is this like a press all at once thing or how is this working? i have tried several times and i get the voice recognition thing… some please help!!!!

    • First off it doesn’t seem to consistently work but when it worked for me it was by pressing them and holding in the sequence indicated. Best of luck!

  26. Man! You are a life saver!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  27. WOW!!!!
    That worked how great is that.
    Thank you very much you rock!

  28. OMGosh..this FIXED MY PHONE!! I changed out the lcd and the mid frame and EVERYTHING twice!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Saved me $200 for fixing it!!! YOU ROCK!

  29. THANKS!!!! 😀 oh n it’s only home then sleep 🙂 i expermented, the funny thing is that i actually tried that but nothing happened, coz of my phone inpaticular i guess, sometimes i have to do it several times 🙂

  30. THANK YOU!! I too found the “less than helpful posts” and was so relieved to find yours!! You MADE my day! 

  31. plz i have tried your solution and it didnt go for me at all i have fixed the cables and i have done severeal reset and i resotred the iphone and i have changed the screen i have done every thing but nothing worked the i phone get’s connected with the PC and it makes a sound u know that i am connected i can do a jailbreak i can do what i ever i want but all i get is a blank screen plz help what can i do more ?????

  32. correction i am getting a blank white screen

  33. Its not working! I tried this for at least a minute. I was using an app when it turned white. -.- Help!

  34. like the rest of these folks “I made an account on WP just so i can say Thank you!

    **Note** I swapped LCD’s and white screen still remained (Jailbroken iphone 3g w/ Cydia).

    Next, I tried to sync with itunes and everything was OK; apps, notes, music, still there…white screen remained throughout sync process.

    At stage 4 finalizing sync, my phone came back to life.

    **Lesson: Connect to itunes first to see if your data is still saved on hard drive – Don’t restore, & don’t go out and buy a new LCD! (fortunately I have spare parts laying around)

  35. Thank you thank you thank you! I signed up just to say thank you so yeah thank you!

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